2020 Orbit Steps- new electronic pieces

2018 Age Of Freaks – new electronic pieces

2014: Royal Land – 9 new electronic pieces

2013: new demo cd with 6 electronic pieces.

2010: Z6 recordsGREEN DESERT

2009  Het projekt Tijdlus van de Rotterdamse groep voor beeld en geluid Faces ( Joost van Veen-beeld, Lukas Simonis-gitaar-compositie, Nina Hitz-cello, Kaouru Iwamora-fortepiano, synthesizer, Huib Emmer-live electronics, compositie) komt uit op het  Z6 label.

Verkrijgbaar via: z6records(@)

Positive Noise– the remix from the 2006 movie Harrachov Exchange by Matt Hulse, Joost Van Veen, Ben Rivers, Guy Bishop- released on dvd of the project, avaiable from

—-IKZIcd 001: Modern Compositions (2006): Camera Obscura, GloriousStranger, Blue Distance, Lake Disappointment.

—-Muziekgroep Nederland (Donemus) Composers Voice Highlights-CV72:
Pieces for ensembles: Crawling up the Wall (1992), Singing the Pictures(1981), Pulse Palace (1992), and Memory Drums (1995).

—-MuziekgroepNederland (Donemus) Composers Voice-CVCD 8703:Piece for piano: Stukken (1982)
—-NMclassics 92074: Piece for 2 pianos: Point Blank (1990-91)
—-PEM-Gaudeamus:Short electronic piece: Agitato (1999)
—X-ORFR3:Live electronics: The Twist (1994)
—VPRO EigenWijs Moon Dive aflevering 1: Ensemble+ live electronics: Glorious Strangers (1999)
—X-ORCD09:Electronic pieces: Full Colour Ghost (1999)
—Z6:Electronic pieces for Radio Worm : Radion (2001)
Radion is dedicated to Jean Pierre Melville

LOOS- Fundamental Geestgronden 10 distribution: BV Haast
LOOS- Armstrong Okkadisk od 12034
Lukas Simonis: Collaborations