Dismantle and put together till one gets intensity

Robert Bresson


huib emmer/

1951/composer/ performer/ instrumental compositions/ audio-visual projects/ music for film/ electronic pieces/ beats/

studied at: The Hague Royal Conservatory/

lives and works in Rotterdam/

20th century avant-garde music/ early 1980’s techno/

early on:
compositions performed by ensembles / soloists/ orchestras/
later on:
discovered electronics in the 1990s and been working more with electronic music ever since/

as well:
watched a lot of films/ the narratives/ how events unfold in cinematic time/ flashbacks/ interrupted chronology/ dream sequences/ anti-heroes/

what does it sound like:
audible avant-gardist tradition/ gritty/ no unnecessary aesthetics/ traces of techno in the electronic pieces/ outsider/

oh, before I forget:

a composer is not a businessman
a composition is not a product
an audience is not a market
an oeuvre is not a target, it’s a life
the ivory tower and l’art pour l’art are important concepts
the distinction between high and low art must be abolished
immortality is an overrated and dangerous idea
in art there is no progress, only development
ideas are in the air, you only have to grasp them

composing is about the difference between a c and a c sharp, precision is crucial


” Poems are not made with ideas, but with words.” Stephan Mallarme.

“Whatever diminishes constraint, diminishes strenght.” Igor Strawinsky.

“Echt modern veroudert niet.” A.A. Patijn.

“Art’s place is in the space between reality and truth.

It is this in-between space that art, as a creative force, fills.”- Heiner Müller.


You can hear several pieces on Soundcloud.