2018  Age of Freaks–  new electronic CD

Project Distant Star – electronic performance at Stichting Ruimtevaart in Den Haag.

2017 additional electronic music for dance performance Thron by Kristina de Chatel, original music by Patricio Wang.

2016  La Perle de Sang– for piano- Gerard Bouwhuis- and live electronics. Duration: 25 minutes. Financial support FPK.

2014  Royal Land – new electronic CD

2013 Page of Madness– live electronics and film, in collaboration with filmer Esther Urlus and musician Henk Bakker. Duration appr. 30 minutes. Financial support FPK.

           New demo cd  with 6 electronic pieces.
Chrome– electronic soundtrack for the movie by Esther Urlus. Duration 7 minutes.

2012 Nachthexen– for 3 organs of the Orgelpark, flute, voice, trombone, double bass, live electronics. Duration appr. 40 minutes. Financial support from FPK.

2011 PANDORA FUZZ– for Field Of Ears- piano, trombone, double bass, flute, live electronics. Duration appr. 16 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.

2010 Picturedrome- part 2-3
MUMLER project by sound/image group Faces
GREEN DESERT– cd with new electronic works released on the Z6 label

2009- Walking Shadows– for flute, electronic organ, double bass, trombone. ( field of ears) Duration appr. 14 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.
Rechthoek met stemmen part 1,2,3- electronic music. Duration 12 minutes.
Picturedrome– part 1 for Trio 7090- piano, tombone, violin

2008  Zoyd’s Memory– for piano, flute, trombone, clarinet. ( Barton Workshop). Duration appr. 14 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.
  Patterns of Light– for percussion group Den Haag and live-electronics. Duration appr. 16 minutes. Commisioned by F.C.M.
Faces- Tijdlus– 4 pieces for sound/image group Faces. Duration appr. 20 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.
  Langzaam werd het onbestaand– electronic music for Sound Museum FM. Duration 4 minutes.

2007 Even a Phantom – for voice, piano, live-electronics. Duration appr. 18 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.
         Positive Noise– electronic music. Duration 4 minutes. Remix of the soundtrack of the film Harrachov by Joost Van Veen, Matt Hulse, Guy Bishop, Ben Rivers.

2006 Electric Shadows – for piano (Geoffrey Madge), De Volharding, live-electronics. Duration 23 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.
Vortex– for live-electronics and Loos ensemble (electric organ, percussion, bass clarinet) and live- images by Joost Van Veen. Duration 20 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.

2005 45 Geluiden in een doos — Interactive electronic music project in collaboration with artist Rom Gaastra. Duration 42 minutes.
Blue Distance — for tenor saxophone ( Peter van Bergen ) and live electronics. Duration 15 minutes, Commissioned by F.C.M.
Faces –– live electronic music project in collaboration with film-maker Joost van Veen. Duration 30 minutes. Financial support by Rotterdam Art Foundation.
Aurora— for 4 electric guitars ( Catch guitar quartet). Duration 7 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M

2003 Welcome To Disturbia radio play written for NPS radio. Duration 60 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.
Text by Ken Hollings.
LOOPSTATE for Loos- Radio Chamber Orchestra- live electronics. Duration 14 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M. and NPS for the Holland Festival 2003.
Loopstate also contains live video by Remco Schuurbiers.
Error 40080200 digital movie – in collaboration with Remco Schuurbiers
          Lake Disappointment electronic music. Duration 10 minutes.
  Vertekening written for the Maarten Altena Ensemble. Duration 10 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.
Fatalis Machina for live electronics and visuals by Remco Schuurbiers. Commissioned by Paard van Troje in Den Haag. Duration : 23 minutes.
2004 Umformer for live electronics. Duration 18 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.
White Sands for violin/pianoduo Hulst/Bouwhuis . Duration 12 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.

2002 O-TON for 2 pianos ( pianoduo Post/Mulder) and live electronics. Duration 12 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.
more electronic pieces ( Cinema Series) for radio Worm:
Roxy, City, Everyman, Palace,Apollo.

2001 Modern Impulses for flute ( Ann Laberge) and live electronics. Duration 20 minutes. Commissioned by F.C.M.

2000 Camera Obscura for piano (Gerard Bouwhuis) and live-electronics. Duration:25 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.
2000 electronic pieces for Radio Worm: Radion
De Blokken van K. for saxophone quartet (Tumb quartet) Duration 6 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1999 Glorious Stranger for instrumental ensemble ( Loos) and live-electronics. Duration: 20 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1998 Metal Zombie for live-electronics. Duration:42 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.
live-electronic pieces for Full Colour Ghost CD (xor)

1997 Possession for 2 instrumental ensembles and live-electronics (Loos, Asko). Duration: 18 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1996 Memory Drums for instrumental ensemble and live-electronics (Loos). Duration 16 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1995 The Twist for live-electronics(HE). Duration: 5 minutes.

1993 Soft Gripper for bass clarinet (Peter van Bergen) and live-electronics (Huib Emmer). Duration: 12 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1992 Crawling Up The Wall for instrumental ensemble (Xenakis ensemble). Duration:14 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1992 Pulse Palace for instrumental ensemble (radio symphony orchestra Sofia). Duration 12 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1990 Point Blank for 2 pianos (piano duo Gerard Bouwhuis, Cees van Zeeland). Duration:18 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1989 The Rags of Time ( poems by John Donne) for baritone (Charles van Tassel) and instrumental ensemble(Nieuw Ensemble). Duration 12 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1986-1988 Bethlehem Hospital William Blake In Hell opera in 3 acts—libretto by Ken Hollings. Duration: 90 minutes. Commissioned by FCM.

1986  Bloed en Olie for tenorsax (Peter van Bergen) and electric guitar (Huib Emmer).
Duration 7 minutes. Commissioned by the Rotterdam Art Foundation

1985 Tussen Twee Werelden in memoriam Edgar Varese, written in collaboration with Gilius van Bergeijk for instrumental ensemble & tape.—duration 30 minutes. (commissioned by the Johan Wagenaar Stichting).

1984  Koud Zout for the Maarten Altena Quartet ( trombone, double bass, violin, saxophone)
The Reel World for oboe and instrumental ensemble. (Commissioned by the Fund for the Creation of music) — duration 14 minutes.

1982 Stukken for pianist Gerard Bouwhuis—duration: 13 minutes.(commissioned by the Johan Wagenaar Stichting)

1981 Singing the Pictures for the group Hoketus—duration: 18 minutes, (commissioned by the Dutch Government)

1977 Montage for piano & instrumental ensemble—duration: 15 minutes.