Dismantle and put together till one gets intensity

Robert Bresson


huib emmer/

1951/composer/ performer/ instrumental compositions/ audio-visual projects/ music for film/ electronic pieces/ beats/

studied at: The Hague Royal Conservatory/

lives and works in Rotterdam/

20th century avant-garde music/ early 1980’s techno/

early on:
compositions performed by ensembles / soloists/ orchestras/
later on:
discovered electronics in the 1990s and been working more with electronic music ever since/

as well:
watched a lot of films/ the narratives/ how events unfold in cinematic time/ flashbacks/ interrupted chronology/ dream sequences/ anti-heroes/

what does it sound like:
audible avant-gardist tradition/ gritty/ no unnecessary aesthetics/ traces of techno in the electronic pieces/ outsider/